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So you love music

...and want to include it more in your life

either once again or maybe for the first time. 

You may want to have your kids experience

the chance to learn music;

the joys, the challenges and immeasurable rewards.

You may be an adult who laments 

"I wish my parents had made me continue my piano lessons",

because you want to just sit and play

for your own enjoyment.

Music can be your gift to yourself or your family,

Whether it be for a short while or throughout your lifetime.

Enjoy an opportunity to develop your skills

and enrich your soul 

with the unique and amazing bounty

that music holds for you. 



As a professional musician for most of my youth and adult life, my experiences have been full of exceptional opportunities and amazing performance venues.  To have been the organist at Notre Dame Cathedral and St. Peters at the Vatican were unforgettable moments.

My fields of expertise include piano, pipe organ and harpsichord, chorale and madrigal singing and conducting, accompanying soloists, chamber music, playing for broadway musicals,

and of course,  teaching all of the above.


Teaching music and piano is the heart of reaching out to others and  providing the tools and skills for music to enrich our lives.  The sounds and tones, the rhythms and beats, the harmonies and melodies, the emotions of excitement, passion, sadness....  these all combine to entertain, soothe, elevate and bring us into a harmony of expression

and understanding at the highest level of human experience.

"I have worked with Donna on several musical projects. Being able to witness first hand her professionalism and enthusiasm has been not only fun but educational for all involved. Her wealth of experience  always brings positive and meaningful results to her musical endeavors." 

Laurie McNulty 

"I was a piano student (adult) with Donna for about 8 months.  Circumstance made it necessary to stop lessons for a while, but I am now resuming them.  Donna is a wonderful, knowledgable teacher, and a beautiful pianist.  I got to hear for myself when she played for a birthday party I hosted at my house. 

I highly recommend piano lessons with Donna."

C. Little

“We offer our deep sense of gratitude to Donna Taylor for the dedication and musicianship she has given to our parish community, and praise the artistry that she has brought to our worship.  Over these past few years she has contributed so greatly to our praise of  the Cathedral Church of the Blessed Sacrament.

      Thank you, Donna       


Father Carl

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